Why do we need training?

Waste costs are increasing by around 10% P/annum as landfill tax and collection costs increase. Increasing pressures from Landlords and Tenants on both Sustainability rates and Service Charges are very much here to stay so something has to be done to enable tangible savings.

Changing headline collection rates by going out to tender is impossible to achieve long term cost reductions.  For example, you may achieve a rate of 25 p/p mile for a hire car with tender negotiations.  That is in your direct control. But it only works if you can control and measure the amount of miles that the users of the cars are driving.

Signing long term contracts with fewer suppliers, generally speaking enables profitability for your suppliers, by reducing naturally competitive forces.

Training – The last stone!

The last stone for the Waste Industry to turn over is what most other businesses set as their first stone  –  Their staff.  It is therefore no surprise that the staff turnover in waste basements is amongst the highest with average wages barely scraping above minimum wage. Yet incredibly, these staff can affect both the costs and sustainability rates far greater than your waste carrier, simply by attaining pertinent knowledge of how to efficiently dispose of each waste stream, the rebates that can be achieved and how to correctly utilise the equipment you provide. 

Just through training alone we have had an experienced long established shopping centre reduce their waste costs by 70%

The employers perspective that “Nothing has changed in waste for years” might explain why costs are rising so fast.