We already have someone on site that trains all our staff.

All people who use equipment at work must be adequately trained to ensure their Health and Safety.   This applies whether you operate the equipment, supervise its use or are a member of the management team.  What monitoring system do you have in place to ensure consistent, continuity and delivery for this training? 

One of our staff already has had training.  They train everybody else.

As with all things of this nature, it is only after the event of an accident, where the inquiry determines the quality of the training and whether the management were culpable.  Management must decide whether the structure and scope of the training provided was suitable and adequate. Traditionally, the training of most staff get is called SIT Training.  This is the equivalent of picking up a new car and being shown by the salesman where the indicators are, the CD Player, wiper switch etc.   This demonstrates the locations of basic controls.  What it doesn’t do is ensure that you can actually drive the car, that you can operate the car safely, the risks etc. 

Our CPD Training provides consistency, depth of training, detailed and certification for each operator.

PUWER doesn’t apply to us, we don’t have any equipment. 

PUWER applies to manual handling, not only heavy waste equipment, such as balers and compactors.  Lifting, carrying waste that may contain dangerous items etc is covered within PUWER


Our H&S software/Head Office system already includes details of staff training.  Does this cover us?

Several Managing Agents do hold basic training records on their Management portals, but this has no bearing on the quality and type of training that is provided.   Our training is fully certificated, CPD Certified that covers the entire range of Waste Management at Shopping Centres and Retail Parks.

If you are in doubt call 0330 223 0895 and push option 2 to check.   We will be able to provide guidance.  It is site management’s responsibility to ensure that your staff are protected and trained.


Our Cleaning Agency employs the waste staff – Training is therefore not our responsibility?

It is very important that it is the staff who are protected and trained.  Even with agency staff, it is generally the site that provides the process and/or equipment that is enabling the agency staff to use their machinery, so the responsibility remains at site management level.  The question of who pays for the training is between the site and the contractor, but the staff must be trained.

If you are in any doubt call 0330 223 0895 and push option 2 to check.  


We don’t have the budget to do the training

Training is relatively inexpensive, especially compared to the costs and legal penalties of a serious accident or a fatality.   Site owners generally have training budgets for exactly this type of training.  The benefits to ongoing operations generally pay for any training within a few weeks.