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When you consider that ‘ANY TRANSPORTING OF A LOAD BY HAND OR BODILY FORCE’ is designated as ‘MANUAL HANDLING’, there are very few elements of waste processing that do not fall into this category. Injury due to poor or incorrect Manual Handling is prolific in all industries, non more so than in waste processing. This course takes a detailed look at the potential hazards of Manual Handling, the control processes to limit risk and the correct ways to safely lift and move loads. It is not possible to completely eliminate the risk of injury due to manual handling but this course will go a long way to educating employees in limiting their exposure.
Training courses: PK-MH Manual Handling 
Course Suitability: All Persons in a Waste Processing Manual/Operational Role


It is a requirement that formal ‘MANUAL HANDLING’ Training has been undertaken by all course attendees prior to receiving specific training on individual items of waste processing equipment. However, in the event that this is not the case, ’EQUIPMENT SPECIFIC’ Manual Handling techniques will be demonstrated during the training course which will be strictly limited to the training modules in that course ONLY and DOES NOT constitute or replace a formal manual handling training course which MUST be completed and passed accordingly.

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“Attending the Waste Champion training course was a real eye opener on all matters waste. The processes and procedures covered in the course as well as the practical elements and site visit have helped me expand my knowledge of the subjects massively and being able to apply these methods in the healthcare work place has been invaluable.

The training was well delivered, tailored to my needs and the knowledge of the instructor vital in helping me understand the waste process from cradle to grave”.

Adam Toll - Energy & Environmental Manager   EL NHS Foundation Trust
Adam Toll - Energy & Environmental Manager

“Now that my on-site soft-services team have completed their training by WTS, we realised that there is a huge difference between dealing with waste and actually MANAGING it. We now do the latter and view the entire process of waste management in a wholly different way”.

Dave Packham - Facilities Manager   Cushman & Wakefield
Dave Packham - Facilities Manager

“The Shopping Park received quality advice on the range of training available and were able to schedule it on site at times that minimised down time. The training increased the Team’s knowledge and skills and was well received by them, due in no small part to the quality of the Trainers. We are now fully compliant and when updates or refreshers are needed we would happily use WTS again.”

Wade Frater - Security & Operation Manager  Gallions Reach Shopping Park – London
Wade Frater - Security & Operation Manager

“The Waste Champion course has a variety of content designed to make you think about how you deal with your waste, and it definitely made us think about ours, and how we go about getting the most out of it.

Insightful, thought provoking, and rewarding – to help you save money and achieve great results, invaluable!”

Chris Tyler Short - Operations Manager  Guildhall Shopping and Dining Exeter
Chris Tyler Short - Operations Manager