We have developed an innovative & proven managed waste service that will immediately reduce your overheads & increase your recycling resulting in an accreditation to green schemes.

What is the Managed Service?

Most Shopping Centres and Retail Parks have had no formal (or informal) waste training for commercial waste and manage it by using their knowledge of domestic waste. Running commercial waste processes this way is time consuming and often costs much more than necessary.

Our solution brings the expertise in house, working as part of and alongside your team to provide the most efficient process to reduce waste costs, and providing Centre Management and Landlords tangible and meaningful cost reductions and better sustainability.

Our Managed Service provides absolute certainty by fixing your entire waste costs*, including those from Waste Carriers & Brokers, Waste Equipment, Consumables, Servicing, Compliance, Training, Accreditation…..everything. We manage the entire waste operation with your waste staff or contract cleaners for a lower, fixed monthly cost that covers everything.
*Subject to audit

Managed Waste Service - one service, one invoice

How do we do it?

By adding detailed knowledge with a proven and tested process, ongoing training for your team, the best equipment, rebates and our buying power, we provide a fixed cost for all your waste costs and a more sustainable waste program.

First, we need to establish what your base costs are, calculated on your previous tenant mix, occupation rates, staff and waste volumes etc. To do this we carry out a simple audit which determines the base cost taking in to account the operational efficiencies we will add.

From this audit we will be able to provide you with suggested cost savings, a plan for our managed service and a fixed monthly cost that we guarantee will be cheaper than your existing combined waste management.



  • Budget control & certainty
  • Accreditation to Green Schemes
  • Increased Recycling Rates
  • All waste associated invoices combined to one fixed invoice
  • Includes Equipment, Training, Compliance, Waste Carrier, Breakdowns, Servicing
  • Managed & run by waste experts
  • Meaningful KPI’s reported
  • Tenant Engagement Program included
  • Frees up Management time
  • No long term contracts required
  • Easy to Implement & 12 month contract
Managed Service Testimonial

A proven system combining industry expertise, waste management skills & efficiency

Managed Service provides piece of mind for the future. Our Base Costs will only increase in line with the RPI (Retail Price Index) moving forward, ensuring your Centre can accurately budget for the future with no nasty surprises.

By creating a partnership with completely defined boundaries, fixed & defined costs moving forward, with a full understanding of requirements from both sides, it enables a new and dynamic relationship to work together in perfect synergy.

We're simply introducing our expertise into a very complex situation, to help you save money!