Waste Champion Questions

Where is the training carried out?

We operate at designated locations nationally.

Can we be trained at our own premises?

Yes, provided the training can be operated in a classroom environment, without noise or interruptions and refreshments can be available.  

How many people can be trained at the same time?
Up to 3 people can be trained simultaneously for the Waste Champion Course and up to 6 for the Waste Operations Champion course. 
Is the accreditation to a Person or The Company?
It is for the certificated person and is a recognised training accreditation.
What do I need to bring for training?
For the Waste Champion Course, we will need at least 3 months waste carrier invoices. 

N.B  Phones, Computers and email MUST be turned off during all training.  The courses are intensive and require the delegates full and undivided attention so we request that there are no interruptions during training sessions.