Both the employer and employee have responsibilities under the law with regard to training. The employer must ensure that his employees are suitably trained in all aspects of the tasks they are being asked to perform and the employee must adhere to the information, instructions and guidelines they has been given in that training.

However in the day to day operation of any business, the benefits of professional employee training far outweigh the costs involved and the time taken for that training.

Benefits to the employee of consistent training are typically:

  • Improved Self Confidence
  • Improved Motivation, Job Satisfaction & Loyalty
  • Improved Skills And Knowledge In Daily Work Routines
  • Positive Improvement In Attitude
  • Prepared To Learn And Grow And Take Further Responsibilities
  • Improved Interpersonal Skills
  • Prepared To Take New Initiatives
  • Helps To Achieve Personal Goals

Benefits to the company and management are typically:

  • Legislative Compliance In Health & Safety/PUWER Etc.
  • Improvements In Overall Efficiency & Cost Saving
  • Improvements In Reaching Targets For Rebates Etc.
  • Improvements in Reaching Targets for Overall WPI
  • Better Workforce-Management Relationships
  • Helps To Improve Organizational Communication
  • Helps To Initiate And Implement Management Change Programs
  • Helps To Handle Conflicts And Disagreements

Clearly a well trained and motivated workforce is a ‘Win Win’ position for everyone concerned, you’re staff become you’re major asset and become empowered and capable of working towards achieving company goals and targets.

“Career paths with Continuing Personal Development are not restricted to graduate executives, they are open to all levels of employee