Waste Champion Managed Service

Ideal for those who may not have the resources or requirement for a full time Waste Champion on site or who manage multiple sites – yet still achieves the objectives for your Waste Strategy. 

Shopping Centres, Retail Parks, Multi Site Retailers, Schools & Colleges, Office Blocks,
Construction Sites, Regional Offices


Our Waste Champions work alongside you on an ad hoc basis to achieve your waste goals. The service delivers all the benefits of an in-house Waste Champion but with complete flexibility.

As part of the Managed Service, our Waste Champion becomes a member of your extended team, working closely with your staff to monitor waste operations, implementing efficient and cost-effective processes, and tailoring support at all levels to work towards your targets, implementing meaningful reporting of KPI’s.

Waste Champion Managed Solution

 A comprehensive service is tailored to your company’s needs, typically covering

  • Liaising with management to identify key objectives and targets
  • Monitoring and reporting meaningful key statistics
  • Implementing changes to streamline processes and reduce costs
  • Supporting, training and advising staff
  • Ensuring staff training & compliance including equipment and machinery
  • Ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory waste legislation
  • Working towards recognised accreditations and Green Initiative


The Waste Champion Managed Solution is perfect for shopping centres as well as multi-site retailers, distribution centres or any site where having an individual trained as a Waste Champion© at every site might not be viable.

What is the Managed Service?

Our process is logical and straight-forward to implement and proven.  From the outset we get to know your operation, your tenant mix and your waste streams.  Your dedicated Account Manager is an experienced Waste Champion with detailed knowledge and expertise who will work closely with your team to implement the best process, using most suitable equipment and attain complete control of your waste costs freeing you up to manage your centre.

We fix your waste costs for the next 12 months – this is called The Base Cost. This is paid monthly and covers everything to do with your waste, except the staff/cleaners.  The base cost is typically based on your 2019 total waste costs, but of course now in 2021 that represents immediate cost reductions. (typically waste costs have increased by 10% year on year).  Remember, this is a FIXED monthly cost.

We also appreciate that in this ‘Chaos” period of Lockdowns and closures, there must be a further reduction of costs, beyond that of the Base Cost.   Dependant on each centre’s impact of the closures/tenant mix, closed Retail units etc, we then apply a further discount on that fixed cost.

That fixed cost remains in place until volumes and trade starts returning.  We then have a Ratchet System that when things start to change for the good, it slowly reduces the Chaos discount slowly back towards the ‘Base Cost’ over 12 months.

How do I know if this service is suitable?

Great question!

There are a number of different factors that will determine whether our service is right for you. We’re not a waste carrier, we’re not a national company (although we coverthe entire UK), we work with a select number of customers that meet our criteria. The only way we’ll find out if we’re suitable is to have a confidential, no obligation exploratory discussion.

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