About Waste Services Group

Our Philosophy

The Waste Industry is for most ‘Waste Carriers’.   “Dealing with waste” is simply getting rid of it all.  Over recent years doing it in a more sustainable way has been added, but still cost remains the key driver.

There may seem little obvious indications of innovation at first glance – especially given the publicity in the world’s press to reduce plastics and disposables.

Waste Carriers are thriving.  Acquisitions are announced on an almost weekly basis. The Industry is thriving.  The cost of waste is rising by over 15% p/annum – 3 times that of current inflation.  Technology to weigh bins at the curb enables additional excess weight charges to be applied and landfill taxes continue to hike rates in a Northerly direction.   Contamination adds yet further to costs.  No wonder the Industry is thriving!

When untrained staff guess what to do with the waste (hidden in thick black bags) it will be no surprise why training is required. 

The most informed – the least consulted

We see time after time that trained staff stay in their jobs longer and invariably are happier with their work

The Waste Services Group add a completely new and fresh dimension to waste as a process and strategy, through training and acumen.  We are committed to engaging with clients to achieving very real and tangible differences to larger waste strategies.  Working closely with hundreds of shopping centres, property managing agents, hospitals, schools and public buildings, our engagement tackles the normally overlooked issues that add dramatically to the costs and increase the risks of employees through accidents at work. 

In every area of business (excluding waste) staff and management training is at the forefront of everything you do. From PR, Health & Safety, Risk Assessment, Financial Training, etc.  Oddly, with waste, there has to date been virtually none.   This is because the perception of ‘It’s only waste’ seems to do away with the requirement to understand waste in more detail.  In any Boardroom, what metric is there to manage/report waste as a success or failure? 

 Waste Training Solutions© has a complete training process and set of reporting metrics to manage waste processes, costs, reporting, risk assessments, staff turnover and sustainability from the Boardroom to the Basement.   

Our Management have over 60 years experience of Training and Process Management.  It is this experience and acumen that drives the training business, delivering engaging courses that are proven to make a huge difference to every part of our clients’ business. 

Knowledge and staff – The most potent combination for success