Be your Company’s Waste Champion!

Achieve total control of your waste costs, rebates and recycling

Our Waste Champion training course is designed to teach suitable individuals all aspects of site waste management and provide them with the in-depth knowledge and understanding required to enable them to maximise site efficiency, control costs and ensure full site compliance.

A suitably empowered ‘Waste Champion’ will achieve substantial improvements to efficiency, environmental performance, sustainability & compliance and is a valuable asset in any organisation.

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Equipment Training

Certified training for all waste equipment operators

All Waste Training Solutions Operator Training Courses are specifically designed to ensure that following successful completion of the course, the individual operator is fully conversant with the particular machine, the scope of its’ capabilities and the limitations of its’ use. These ‘Machine Specific’ courses will not only teach how to operate the machine but how to operate it safely and efficiently.

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Regional Waste Workshops

Our engaging Waste Workshops provide the pertinent information and all the tools to spark new focus and energy to your waste strategy.

Our tremendously successful workshops held in Southampton have sparked a brand new tour of the UK.  Aimed at anyone who is working, evaluating or dealing with waste at companies, we dig down and get to the bottom of what really goes on with our waste.  Do rebates exist?  What goes where and how can equipment help the cause?

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