Waste Champion Training

There has never been a better time to train a Waste Champion in your business to reduce costs

& improve efficiency 

Imagine a streamlined ‘smart’ waste management operation in your business, with a person who understands the board’s vision for cost reduction and sustainability and also has the knowledge and skills to put this into practice at every level.

This is precisely what a Waste Champion© does!

More and more businesses are realising the benefits of a Waste Champion© who can improve waste operations at source, in the basement or service yard, providing the process, reporting analysis and knowledge to enable that vision to be achieved.


Waste Champion &

Waste Operations Champion

Simply ‘getting rid of waste’ is not a waste policy

Who can become a Waste Champion ?

From basement or service yard to boardroom, Waste Champion© Training is ideal for:

  • Waste Managers/Supervisors
  • Site and general managers
  • Basement/service yard operations staff
  • Sustainability managers
  • Facilities managers

It may not be viable for every site to have a fully trained Waste Champion, therefore we can provide one of our own Waste Champions© to work alongside your staff on an ad hoc basis to achieve benefits for your business.  Click here for more details.

“The Waste Champion Training has opened our eyes to a completely different way of managing our waste. Our waste has now become an integral part of the business that works for us and creates revenue.  We have gained total control of our waste operations and use the comprehensive management reports to underpin our decision-making.”

Dave Packham, Facilities Manager, at Cushman & Wakefield.