This Workshop is for you!

You will leave with a head full of knowledge and some really good ideas of how to achieve your newly defined waste goals.


It is not really a Workshop as such – they are generally rather boring!

It is more a fusion of Waste Industry insights combined with dry observational humour and good sized twists of really good advice culminating with all attendees learning everything they need to know to make the most of the opportunities out there for organisations that want to use waste management techniques to their advantage.

Join us at one the locations below to make sure that your company has the expertise on board to leverage the benefits of a sound waste management program.

On the day, some of the things you will hear about are:

  • The Smoke & Mirrors’ of Recycling
  • What do we do with each waste stream?
  • Why we use black bags
  • The REAL costs of waste and why where there’s muck there’s brass
  • Potential Rebates and benefits for sustainable companies
  • How to reduce your waste costs simply and effectively
  • Is Cardboard & Plastic worth baling?
  • What happens to our waste?
  • How to boost your company’s profile

This is far from an exhaustive list and you will learn the tools of the Industry to take control of your company’s waste costs……All delivered in a light-hearted and engaging format, but guaranteed to make a big impact on how smart your business operates.

Local Workshop Agenda

09.30  Arrival with Tea & Coffee

Seminar starts at 10.30.

10.30  Waste –  Where there’s muck –  There’s brass

A Tale of two bins and some black bin bags.

Rebates and Waste Carriers

Waste Reporting & Landfill

It’s all about the Plastic?

Business Waste –  Just get rid of it –  That’s our Process.

Cost V’s Sustainability –  both is the best option.

Regulations and Waste Equipment

Accreditations & the value to your Company of being greener.

12.30    Questions & Answers

1.00      Leave to go set your waste world on fire!

Get the knowledge you need to succeed for just £125 (plus VAT) for each attendee. Price includes refreshments on the day and parking is available at all venues. But, make sure to book your place today, as these events sell out quickly. Complete the form below or email or call 0330 223 0895 and get on the road to a greener, more efficient business future.

Some of the quotes from attendees at past workshops

“Not at all what I expected.  Very tongue in cheek delivery and really good information”

“I arrived sceptical.  Waste is pretty boring.  I was wrong! We were entertained and inspired.  Thanks”

Observational comedy fused with utter sense.  I always wondered why we use black bags

Working with waste every day as I do, I didn’t expect to learn the amount that I did.   That was the consensus of opinion at coffee afterwards too.

2020/21 Workshops

Due to the Corona Virus, we have suspended all Local Waste Workshops until it is deemed safe to continue as normal.  We are however able to carry out 1 hour online Waste Workshops on Zoom.  If you would like to be notified or book on the next online workshop, please register your interest and we will be in touch soon.