Ask most waste people whether coffee cups should go in General Waste or the Recycling bin and you will get 50% correct answers and 50% wrong.  Ask most management if their waste operatives are correctly trained and you will get probably less than 10% correct.  Most are not and herein lies the problem.

When the majority of sites follow a process laid down by the waste carrier, then deployed by minimum wage staff and managed by those with negligible waste knowledge, it is easy too see why a prevailing  ‘get rid of it all’ philosophy is deployed  and that a little knowledge really does go a long long way.   Sadly, normally it is the wrong knowledge that travels so well.

We all understand that waste is an expensive. Typically commercial waste costs are rising by around 11% annually.  Waste equipment is vital to effective operations to not only reduce costs but also efficiencies. So why are waste costs rising so fast?  The Maths is easy.  General Waste (GW) costs are rising fast as everybody is joining the zero to Landfill rush and Landfill taxes increases dumping costs.  Therefore the less we get in to GW the better chance we have of reducing costs.   MRC (Mixed Recycling) costs are almost 50% of that of GW.  So, in an effort to disguise the waste itself, let’s use black bags and stick everything we can in the GW bins for ease. The Smoke & Mirrors starts here and that’s just the tip of a huge iceberg.

The WTS Waste Champion course is designed to do away with all the myths and mystery and tackle the gamut of effectively dealing with waste head on,  responsibly, safely and robustly. Any Manager running a site, managing waste staff or dealing with waste would benefit by becoming a Waste Champion.  The one/s with all the answers.  That is effective management?   The Waste Champion Course hones the knowledge to answer all the pertinent questions and dispel the myths.

Two days of in depth training and understanding of every facet of waste management.  The types of waste, the processes, equipment types, costs, separation, rebates, storage, staff, tenant engagement.  It’s all covered.   Adam Toll, Energy & Environmental Manager of East London NHS Foundation Trust says “Attending the Waste Champion training course was a real eye opener on all matters waste. The processes and procedures covered in the course as well as the practical elements and site visits have helped me expand my knowledge of the subjects massively and being able to apply these methods in the healthcare work place has been invaluable.  The training was well delivered and the knowledge of the instructor vital in helping me understand the waste process from cradle to grave”.