What is PUWER?  Does it apply to you?

The short answer is Yes! PUWER stands for the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 and put simply, their purpose is make everybody that uses machinery and/or equipment at work safer. Of course this especially applies to the Waste Industry that uses Industrial equipment that can shred, compact, dice and slice an antelope in seconds! Most of what we use is specifically why PUWER exists.

We often hear; “oh yes, we have trained our staff to use that compactor. Our supplier gave training when we took delivery of the machine”. At Waste Training Solutions we call that the ‘Handover Training’. A ‘Handover’ is “Just like when you pick up your gleaming new car from the showroom, the sales assistant shows you where the indicators are, the wipers, fuel nozzle etc. i.e. a ‘Handover’. It doesn’t ensure that you can actually drive a car safely!”

Waste Training Solutions training goes way beyond ‘The Handover’ and ensures that you and your staff are fully trained, PUWER Compliant and with certification on each piece of equipment you have been trained on.

WTS Lead Trainer – Siobhan Williams believes that operators all assume somebody else is in charge of H&S and training responsibility for using heavy waste equipment at sites. “We often get operators who have been using a piece of equipment for many years come for training and the most common statement we hear after is “I had no idea that’s what this did or that did” explains Siobhan. “Sadly, it is often after an accident or incident that the operatives receive their training” Training however is not only about avoiding accidents (and liabilities), hints, tips and better processes are also taught which in turn provides better efficiencies for site owners.